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Hyperbaric Medicine

The Hyperbaric Medicine Center is located on the lower level of the Outpatient Center of the Hillcrest Medical Center and was opened in 1984. The center has a 12-place chamber and is equipped to handle critically ill patients. The center is directed by Dr. Tom Neuman, one of the world experts in Hyperbaric Medicine and Diving Medicine and one of the full-time faculty members of the Department of Emergency Medicine. The Associate Director is Dr. "Jake" Jacoby who is also board certified in Infectious Diseases and is on the faculty of the DEM. Doctors Stephen Hayden, Dr. Brian Snyder, and Karen Van Hoesen also see patients as hyperbaric attending physicians. Dr. Van Hoesen also directs the fellowship program which accepts one candidate per year.  The center is the only civilian 24-hour emergency treatment center in San Diego, Imperial, Orange or Riverside Counties. The center treats all civilian diving emergencies from Mexico to the Los Angeles County border. The center treats approximately 2,000 patients per year and currently has one of the larger series of patients exposed to carbon monoxide in the United States. The chamber also electively treats all medical conditions as approved by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society's Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Committee. Residents will rotate one month on the service in a combined Hyperbaric Medicine/Toxicology rotation.