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Department of Emergency Medicine Podcasts

Check out our selection of podcasts featuring UCSD Department of Emergency Medicine physicians. Enjoy!


  • "Lockdowniversarry Eve, Getting Caught Up on the Pandemic With a Local Expert Plus...Food and Alcohol" AJ & Sara Podcast interviews Dr. Erin Noste. Click here to listen. 
  • Interview with Drs. Christopher Hunter and Amanda Stone about their Pulse Nightclub Shooting-Lessons learned in Orlando. Click here to listen.
  • Article interviews with Dr. Ian Medoro to discuss "An Analysis of EMS and ED Detection of Stroke" as well as Dr. Jason McMullan to discuss the article "qSOFA Has Poor Sensitivity for Prehospital Identification of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock", plus an interview with Dr. Maia Dorsett. Click here to listen.
  • "Causes of Prehospital Misinterpretations of ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction" and "Use of Intranasal Naloxone by Basic Life Support Providers" with Drs. Nichole Bosson and Scott G. Weiner. Click here to listen.
  • Interview with Dr. Julie Leonard to discuss "Do Pediatric Teams Affect Outcomes of Injured Children Requiring Inter-hospital Transport?" and "Prehospital Glucose Testing for Children with Seizures: A Proposed Change in Management" with Dr. Marianne Gauche-Hill. Click here to listen.
  • "Police Offivers can Safely and Effectively Administer Intranasal Naloxone" with Dr. Rian Fisher and "Prehospital Medical Planning for the 2015 Philadelphia Papl Visit" with Dr. Crawford Mechem. Click here to listen.
  • The National Association of EMS Physician's Prehospital Care Podcasts