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Beacon Education, Analytic and Collaboration Hub

The BEACH is a public-private collaborative that fosters real-world health transformation by enabling innovative tools, technologies and techniques to be applied, tested, and evaluated through a standards-based process. Successful production candidates are then taken through a pre-deployment methodology to ensure interoperability, sustainability and advancement of the entire health ecosystem.

The BEACH is the continuing innovation of the San Diego Beacon Community after transitioning the highly successful health information exchange to San Diego Health Connect.

The BEACH benefits all through the governance by participating stakeholders. It is overseen and managed by the UC San Diego Department of Emergency Medicine. Services are provided by the private sector through a consortium model.

The BEACH is focusing on three main program areas:


  • EMS Hub
  • Epi Analytics
  • Visualization
  • Lab result test catalog
  • mAsthma & PHR
  • mClinic services
  • teleHealth
  • Rapid
  • POU Dx
  • Surveillance


  • Population and Public Health Hub
  • Health Information Exchange
  • Emergency Medical Services Hub
  • ADT Notifications
  • Care Awareness


  • Population and Public Health Hub
  • Geospatial visualization
  • Geospatial-temporal analytics
  • Environmental and personal mash up
  • mHealth -EHR- PHR interoperability
  • Situation awareness