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Research Projects of the Department of Emergency Medicine

Journal Club: Literature Review 

Research interests by faculty

  • Hyperbaric Medicine (HBO) therapy (Grover)
  • Burn treatment with HBO (Grover)
  • Decompression sickness (DCS)(Grover)
  • Arterial Gas Embolism (AGE)(Grover)
  • Emergency Medical Services (Dunford, Vilke, Kahn, Castillo)
  • Tactical Medicine (Chan, Sloane, Vilke, Neuman)
  • Disaster Medicine (Jacoby, Kahn)
  • Emergency Preparedness (Jacoby, Kahn)
  • Injury Prevention (Kahn)
  • Mass Casualty Triage (Kahn)
  • Acute Stroke (Guluma)
  • Neurological Emergencies (Guluma)
  • Health Services Research (Castillo, Chan)
  • Healthcare Informatics (Castillo, Chan, Killeen)
  • Tactical Medicine (Chan, Sloane, Vilke, Castillo, Neuman)
  • Snake & Spider Envenomations (Clark)
  • Acetaminophen Poisoning and Antidotes (Clark)
  • Resuscitation (Vilke)
  • Wireless Internet Information System for Medical Response in Disasters (Killeen)
  • ED Overcrowding (Killeen, Vilke)
  • Illicit Drug Abuse (Ly)
  • Medical Education Research (Oyama)
  • Feedback and Evaluation (Oyama)
  • C1 Inhibitor in Hereditary Angiodema (Guss)