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San Diego Center of Excellence in Diving

"Healthy Divers in Healthy Oceans"

scuba diver in gear underwaterThis academic center of excellence at UC San Diego is dedicated to integrating the complexities of diving physiology, medicine and engineering with the environmental issues affecting divers’ health. Research and educational activities of SDCED are conducted on the premise that discoveries leading to advances in diving medicine and ocean health are essential to protecting diver health. San Diego is home to a critical mass of diving medicine specialists, marine researchers, engineers and diving equipment manufacturers and offers expedient ocean access. In close medical and research collaboration with DAN and performance equipment manufacturers SCUBAPRO and DUI, SDCED is a research-focused, education-oriented, collaborative partnership integrating the expertise of the interdisciplinary diving physiology and medicine fields with the marine science and conservation communities to promote "Healthy Divers in Healthy Oceans.”

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