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International Emergency Medicine

 UCSD Emergency Medicine faculty and residents participate in various international experiences. From disaster relief efforts in Haiti to ultrasound instruction in Mozambique, we conduct research, provide education and clinical care in international low-resource settings. Through these experiences, the expertise of our faculty and residents seeks to improve medical and prehospital care, health infrastructure, and address global health disparities.


Teaching and emergency medicine abroad:

  1. Maputo, Mozambique - Ultrasound instruction at Universidade Eduardo Mondlane hospital
  2. Mirebalais, Haiti - Ultrasound instruction at Hospital Universitaire de Mirebalais
  3. Kathmandu, Nepal - Introducing Ultrasound to identify high risk pregnancies
  4. Saudi Arabia - Consultation with SA Health minister
  5. Malaysia and the School of Medicine
  6. Saipan - Emergency Medicine clinical work
  7. Guam - Emergency Medicine clinical work
  8. Mampong, Ghana - Systems Improvement in hospitals and EM training program
  9. Mirebalais, Haiti - Airway Course and Emergency Medicine clinical work
  10. Atacama Desert, Chile - "Racing the Planet 4 Desert Race Series" volunteer physician
  11. Yanamono Village, Peru - Emergency Medicine clinical work
  12. Madagascar - Ultrasound Medicine Training
  13. Peru - Ultrasound Medicine Training
  14. Ghana - Ultrasound Medicine Training
  15. Tijuana, Mexico - Wound care clinic & teaching at Tijuana General Hospital

International research & presentations:

  1. Antarctica - Undersea Diving Research
  2. Mexico - Creating dive tables to decrease DCS in Mexican fishermen
  3. Machu Picchu, Peru - Hypoxia amongst newly arrived tourists
  4. Maputo, Mozambique - Care provided by Traditional Healers for patients in HIV-endemic region
  5. Mbarara, Uganda - Expanding HIV testing through collaboration with Traditional Healers
  6. Bugoye, Uganda - Use of village health teams to improve public health surveillance

EMS & disaster relief:

  1. Guadalajara, Mexico - Medevac
  2. Haiti - Relief efforts
  3. Buenos Aires, Argentina - EMS elective