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Teaching and Emergency Medicine Abroad

This subspecialty of Emergency Medicine includes on the practice of EM in a global setting, in addition to capacity building and specialty development around the world. Our faculty and residents have participated in a number of experiences that involve the transfer of skills and knowledge to colleagues in low-resource settings. Activities include international EM clinical experiences, instruction of international EM residents, and formal teaching/skills development.

Teaching and EM locations:

  • Maputo, Mozambique - Ultrasound instruction at Universidade Eduardo Mondlane hospital
  • Maputo, Mozambique - Emergency Medicine Residency program development
  • Mirebalais, Haiti - Ultrasound instruction at Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais
  • Kathmandu, Nepal - Introducing Ultrasound to identify high risk pregnancies
  • Saudi Arabia - Consultation with SA Health minister
  • Malaysia and the School of Medicine
  • Saipan - Emergency Medicine clinical work
  • Guam - Emergency Medicine clinical work
  • Mampong, Ghana - Systems Improvement in hospitals and EM training program
  • Mirebalais, Haiti - Airway Course and Emergency Medicine clinical work
  • Atacama Desert, Chile - "Racing the Planet 4 Desert Race Series" volunteer physician
  • Yanamono Village, Peru - Emergency Medicine clinical work

 International Teaching