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About the San Diego Center of Excellence in Diving


To create knowledge and improve competencies in recreational, scientific, commercial, military and public safety diving through diving medicine, research and education.


In support of “Healthy Divers in Healthy Oceans” SDCED emphasizes support of research, education, and training throughout the world’s oceans for the benefit of all divers.


To become the premier global academic leader as a Center of Excellence at the intersection of diving medicine and ocean health.

Goals of SDCED

  • To provide practical and increasingly evidence-based diving medical and ocean health information to the global diving community through research, education, and training.
  • To advance an international agenda to pursue cutting-edge, innovative research in diving physiology and medicine and ocean conservation building a complimentary bridge between the diving medical and marine science communities.
  • To promote "Healthy Divers in Healthy Oceans" as a combinatorial effect towards improving diver health and fitness and the ocean environment they are diving in.