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Hyperbaric Medicine Current Fellows and Alumni

Current Fellows


  • Tiffany Castellano, MD

    Tiffany Castellano, MD

    Undergraduate: Stanford University
    Medical School: University of Texas Health Science Center
    Residency: University of Arizona South Campus Family Medicine

    Dr. Tiffany Castellano is from San Antonio, TX where she completed her undergraduate education and medical school. She did her residency in Family Medicine at the University of Arizona South Campus in Tucson, Arizona. After residency, she spent almost two years working with the Tohono O'odham Nation as a primary care physician. She developed an interest in dive medicine after getting into scuba diving and is so excited to be a fellow in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine at UCSD. In her free time she enjoys traveling, scuba diving, hiking and music festivals. 

  • Paolina Pantcheva, MD

    Paolina Pantcheva, MD

    Undergraduate: University of South Florida
    Medical School: University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine
    Residency: USF Health/MPM Family Medicine

    Dr. Pantcheva earned her Bachelor’s of Science at the University of South Florida.  This was followed by a Master’s of Science with a concentration in Aging and Neuroscience, at the USF Morsani College of Medicine, where she researched the effects of stem cells on stroke, traumatic brain injury, and other neurodegenerative diseases. She continued her USF journey and graduated in 2017 as a Doctor of Medicine from USF Morsani College of Medicine followed by Family Medicine Residency at USF/MPM. Currently, Dr. Pantcheva is a fellow at UCSD in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine. Dr. Pantcheva has a wide range of professional interests, including Dive and Hyperbaric Medicine, Wound Care, Wilderness Medicine, and advocating for Women’s Health Issues. Dr. Pantcheva enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She has a love and appreciation for the great outdoors. She enjoys nature parks and beaches, she takes turn basking in the California and Florida sunshine with a liberal amount of sunscreen. She’s a foodie and loves exploring new culinary experiences. She loves traveling to new places as well as enjoying a lazy afternoon with her beagle, Archie, and her two cats Gwen and Mochi. 

Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship Alumni

Fellowship Alumni Years Where are they now
Kirsten Hornbeak 2019-2020 Scripps Encinitas, CA
Mahmoud Sabha 2019-2020 Integra Hospital Plano, TX
Leo Tanaka 2019-2020 UCSD Faculty
Damien Williams 2019-2020 Active military
Nicole Agostinelli 2018-2019
Brenna Derksen 2018-2019 UCSD Faculty
Neil Donner 2018-2019
Kaighley Brett 2017-2018 Canadian Armed Forces
Aaron Heerboth 2017-2018 UCSD Faculty
Elizabeth Owen 2017-2018 Kaiser San Diego
Amanda Apicella 2016-2017 VA San Diego
Daniel Popa 2016-2017 UCSD Faculty
Daniel Landry 2016-2017 Canadian Armed Forces
Anthony Bielawski 2015-2016 Undersea Medical Officer, US Navy
Derek Covington 2015-2016 UF Gainesville
Charlotte Sadler 2014-2015 UCSD Faculty
Thomas Robinson 2014-2015 Undersea Medical Officer, US Navy
Gina Virgilio 2014-2015 Undersea Medical Officer, US Navy
Manish Mehta 2013-2014
Sandra Hayes 2013-2014 UCSD Faculty
Davut Savaser 2012-2013 Legacy Health, Portland, OR
Jose Evangelista 2012-2013 Henry Ford Hospital
Lucie Gijzen 2011-2012 Department of National Defense
Sam Gerson 2011-2012 Fort Myers
Roxanna Sadri 2010-2011 New Zealand
Kim Bushman 2009-2010 Canadian Navy
Eric Huyn   2009-2010 
Samuel Miller 2008-2009 Marian Medical Center
Damon Carbanara 2006-2007 Kaiser Sacramento
Francis Cummins 2006-2007 Healogics, Inc.
Nicholas Bird 2005-2006 Duke University
Anthony Medak 2005-2006 UCSD Faculty
Emi Latham 2004-2005 UCSD Faculty
Pete Witucki 2003-2004 UCSD Faculty
Bradley Bailey 2003-2004 Healogics,Inc.
Ian Grover 2002-2003 UCSD Faculty
Peter Ro 2001-2002 Swedish Medical Center, Seattle
Marc Hare 2000-2001 Paradise Valley Hospital
Stuart Miller 1999-2000 Longbeach Memorial Care Health System
Brian Snyder 1998-1999 UCSD Faculty